Raub and Ralph - horaflora plays Ralph White (working title)

Another tour introduction, though thus time not in person....
At the last day of my stayover on the east coast, which was also the night of the last show, at the peoples pint in Greenfield, MA, Josh Burkett of mystery train records (in Amherst, MA) trades me an LP that he just put out, of a fellow from Texas namd Ralph White... Over the course of the next few months, that record becomes a favorite of mine.

Eventually one day last spring, an oppurtunity to book a show at a cafe that Dianne, my girlfriend, worked at presented itself. As I was going through a list in my head of who I might get to play that would really be something special, up pops an email from the Ralph White fan club announcing an upcoming show, and it dawns on me that he might just agree to come play for travel fare, food and a place to sleep, so I write him, and a few emails later, we've got ourselves a show! Skipping the long story about how the cafe space itself fell through, we find ourselves playing in Dianne's backyard ... during the course of this concert, Ralph played his electric Kalimba through my prepared speakers which lent a 'you-are-inside-of-a-giant-kalimba' sound to the proceedings, as the different frequencies of the notes rattled, shook, buzzed, and sizzled all different parts of the individually prepared speakers which were spread out all around us, creating a diffusion that was a function of frequency, rather than stereo balance... a curious effect!
I inquired later if Ralph would let me 'replay' some of his kalimba through my sound system for a recording, with additional live manipulations as it played back, and soon enough we've traded several tracks for each other to complete... The additional details of which will be released, with the tape, shortly, on Resipiscent Records!

...In the meantime, here's a recording of the kalimba as played in the backyard... Enjoy!

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