Horaflora/Secret Boyfriend split 12'' LP

My first vinyl! I met Ryan Martin (Secret Boyfriend, label chief) in Chapel Hill, NC, last year on our bike tour....

Horaflora - The Gland CanyonCD

 Released in an edition of 50 as part of the "installation" series, this is the cumulation of my first 5 years....

Ralph White and the Horaflora Sound System

A collaboration with kalimba/violin/banjoplayer Ralph White!
Released 10/24/09

iHatemusic Compilation Vol.4

Compilation of tracks from artists who use the "ihatemusic" forum for discussion of EAI, amongst other topics.

Released 9/25/09

horaflora - tour 3" CD

Single 18 minute improvisation (with some edits) of the basic setup I used on the cycledelic 'music' trip.

Released 8/2/08

horaflora/Ozmadawn split c20
Chambara Recs.

My side on this is a series of short bits and pieces that I hadn't fit into anything yet, and felt would sound good on cassette.

Released 7/15/08