During the course of a set by horaflora, I usually use one or two balloons on drums, which people tend to take pictures of, though that's not all I'm doing! I suppose the tape manipulation and transducer/subwoofer preparations aren't as photogenically inclined...!

PICTURES from the Resipiscent Records release party!!!
Gino Robair taking a picture of my setup!

Ralph White


Live at space space, Queens, NY

Live in the Backyard, alabama st, mission, SF

Flywheel, Easthampton, MA...2005.. with (LtoR) Christopher Carmody, Kurt Weisman, Sherry (last name anyone?), Raub, Jon Tassi, Anna Bartlestein (not pictured)
Recording on Mt Monadnock, 2006
Live at 21 Grand, oakland, CA 2007

at el rincon, SF, CA. Aug 2, 2009at el rincon, Aug 2, 2009
el rincon

at the schoolhouse in hadley, MA, 2003... with Curtis (hntrhntr)

At the Grandstands Bowling Alley/Pub in Northampton, MA... 2003? Performing as "Deflator Mouse" with Kurt Weisman