Sold out show in WWII Bunker!

Sunday, Aug 1st:

Green Sound revisits the historic WWII site on the stunning Marin Headlands hillside overlooking the majestic Pacific for the second of two shows. Curator Jorge Bachmann takes you inside the belly of the cavernous Battery, built inside an artificial hill that was able to withstand Japanese aerial and naval bombardments of the era. Soldiers worked and slept inside the fortified Battery but now the hollowed rooms and spaces echo with reverberance. Sound artists reinterpret the space without electricity and powered amplification.

Japanese artist Takahiro Kawaguchi inhabits the Battery connecting its military past with its environmental future through a sonic environment developed from invented mechanical instruments from altered clock timers and tuning forks.

Artist Raub Roy (horaflora) immerses the audience in an Aleatoric improv-installation using balloons and toothbrushes. Drumheads are made to sing throughout the bunker’s recesses, whilst the innate windiness excites Aeolian instruments along the bunker’s main corridor.

Artist Jim Haynes builds a series of thermally driven turbines agitating suspended pieces of glass generating a variety of tones and frequencies. The performance includes sheet metal, bells, mallets, bows, battery powered vibration devices and a shortwave radio.

Note: This is an event on top of hill overlooking the ocean and can be windy, cold and foggy. Please bring warm coats and proper shoe attire. We highly recommend our SF bus service, but if you are not using it, please park in the Rodeo Beach Parking Area and arrive at least 30 minutes before performance time. There is a 20-minute mild uphill hike from the Rodeo Beach parking lot to the Battery. This is a standing room only event.

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