Hurtling, this very moment, widthwise across the scorching continent with a map to your bee hinds bullseye...

Ladies and hairier ladies it's
  • F A T W O R M OF E RR O R CD release party! (Resipiscent)
  • Core oG the Coalman
  • Micose and the Mau Mau's
  • Horaflora
  • Radiant Husk with Zach Iannazzi
WHERE: The Lab, 2948 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103
WHEN: Aug 16, MONDAY 7:30p || $5-$10 ||

Fat Worm of Error [Westeastern, MA] Drums in the way of ten flailing limbs as guitar buzzsaws a cloud of magnetic dust choking the dentist-drill soprano. Celebrating the release "Ambivalence and the Beaker" CD (Resipiscent)

Core oG the Coalman [prodigal Czexpat] Circuit stirring bowed-string builder of Prague by way of Oakland, Schrödingerian curiosities that, once opened, never close.

Micose and the Mau Maus [SF] Techno for the morbid obese realized on banjo, cavaquinho, reel, pedals and buttered percussion. How have you not heard this!?

Horaflora [SF] Micro air tearer, handmade electroacoustics such as balloon-driven trumpet mouthpieces against hand percussion.

Radiant Husk with Zach Iannazzi [SF] Skittering kitbag of post-electronic doodads with Iannazzi's gobsmacking 16mm world wedged in a pyramidal ray of light. |

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