Horaflora/styrofoam Sanchez SW tour! April 27-May 5

4/27/2012 - @ Old Curtis St. Bar Denver, CO Denver Noise Fest
4/28/2012 - @ Old Curtis St. Bar Denver, CO Denver Noise Fest
4/29/2012 - @ Rhinoceropolis. Denver, CO DNF Decompression Show w/ Crank Sturgeon
4/30/2012 - @ Synchro Studios.512B Yale SE w/ Kayfable Quartet , The Jeebies, Javelina.
5/01/2012 - @ Meat Market Garment Factory. Tempe, AZ w/ Sara Century, Paul Arambula, Good Amount,
5/02/2012 - @ The Shakedown SD. San Diego, CA w/ California Bleeding and Torn Humorist
5/03/2012- @ The Handbag factory. Los Angeles, CA w/ AMK, Conscious Summary
5/04/2012 - BEACH DAY!
5/05/2012 - @ The Smell ."Psycho De Mayo" Los Angeles, CA w/ RUINS, The Haters, GX Jupitter-Larsen+Gil Kuno

Styrofoam Sanchez:
Styrofoam Sanchez are a three piece noise band out of Oakland, CA where
they run the Ratskin Records Noise Label since 2005, and run a small
distro for related labels and releases out of their homebase since 2010.
Their shows are in the rich tradition of costumed San Francisco Bay Area
freaks and weirdos such as Caroliner, Rubber((o))Cement, Hans Gruesels
Krankinkabernet, and dare I say The Residents, as Styrofoam live up to
their namesake in handcrafted costumes made of styrofoam, as well as
pulling from the bay areas’ deep continuum of home made instruments,
with styrofoam instruments to match!

From Azkaos blog: "The band walked towards the stage dressed in suits
wearing helmets/masks carved out of styrofoam. These masks were TALL: it
looked like buildings made out of styrofoam had collapsed and landed on
their heads. They were more like spires than head-pieces, or like Carmen
Miranda hats made out of albino Cubist fruit. In addition to being their
headgear of choice, styrofoam was also their instrument. They scraped,
cut, and scratched styrofoam against mics, creating a harsh, tearing,
nasty sound. They even had wedges of styrofoam carved to look like
deformed guitars. One of the masked men started singing in a harsh
strangled voice, repeating the doom-y mantra “Human, your skull will be
in a museum!†He sounded like he was embodying the spirit of styrofoam
itself, the rasping voice of consumer waste laughing that it would biode
degrade long after the last monkey rotted into dust."

Horaflora, also from the bay area, is the name given to a particular solo
set of electroacoustic improvisation by Raub Roy that's been evolving
and advancing since first presented in San Francisco in 2007. The set
involves several semi-autonomous soundproducing devices which are placed
with care around the performance space to create an immersive environment
of bright tones and pointillistic ping-ponging pulses.
Homemade free-membrane bass tube, horn/balloon activated drums, and
prepared subwoofer are just a few of the instruments used in his

Horaflora has released vinyl recordings on the Hot Releases, Yeay! Tapes,
and Crazy Iris Record labels, has toured the US extensively, including a
bicycle tour of the east coast in 2008, and has been featured on Foxy
Digitalis and Crow With No Mouth, as well as in numerous reviews of his
recorded work scattered throughout the webscape.

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