WONC in the news!

The east bay express just published an article about my house, the Burrow, and at my bequest that they maybe not give the address or proper name, went overboard with how illegal and secret it is/needs to be, including a ridiculous "west Oakland noise collective, or WONC" pseudonynm!  Pretty amusing, though the article itself is all over the place, probably due to the long rambling rant that passed for an interview getting turned into a story; of course it isn't focused!

The intro, and funniest section:
 "During the last few months of 2012, about fifteen sound artists and noise musicians gathered in West Oakland to form a new collective for like-minded experimenters, from which they hoped criticism and creation would spawn. The founders are a who's who of the insular experimental music scene, including record label owners and underground venue proprietors, as well as the leaseholder of an established West Oakland DIY space, from which the collective takes its name. Out of fear that police may target its performances, which are often held in illegal spaces, the collective asked to remain anonymous, and hereafter will be referred to as the West Oakland Noise Collective (WONC). Despite being under the radar right now, the collective aims to expand the audience for the historically academic and obtuse genre."

Of course, it's my apartment and the apartments that we've gotten friends into that surround us, basically keeping our little shows free from neighbor complaints...  The most illegal thing I can think of that has happened there though would be smoking within 20ft of the building, and maybe the murders, if that's still illegal even.

Cheers all, see you at WONC, see you at the burrow!!! Readers from the east bay express, please like our FB page!!!
The Burrow

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